Avia IoT Ecosystem


Vulnerability concerns and reports can be brought to our attention by:

Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible about your concerns and provide us with contact details (Name, email address or telephone number) so we can contact you to discuss your concerns.


Our target is to resolve security issues within 3 months of initial notification.  However, as we may be dependent on answers, information, or action from upstream providers, response and resolution times may be longer.


  1. All notifications received will be responded to within one working day, acknowledging receipt of your message. The acknowledgement will be sent to the initiator’s email address.
  2. We will then investigate your concern and send a response to the initiator’s email address within seven working days of receipt of your concern.
  3. If we feel no further action is required, we will state that in our response and provide a reason for our decision.
  4. If we feel further action is required, we will provide weekly updates to the initiator’s email address until the issue is resolved.


Revision 1.0  15/12/2021