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Decommissioning process

Device Decommissioning is the process of taking a device out of service, ensuring the device is returned to a factory-default state and then (assuming the decommissioning was due to the device reaching end-of-life), disposing of the device.

There are three steps to decommissioning an Avia device

  1. Remove the device from the Apple Home network. To do this, use your iPhone to go into the Apple Home application (or the Avia Home application), and unpair with the device. Follow the documentation available from Apple on how to do this.
  2. Factory Reset the device to ensure there is no user-specific information retained on the device (e.g. user logs). There are factory-reset instructions per device type available in the Avia application or on the aviasmart.com website.
  3. If the device is being disposed of, please follow your local recycling instructions for small electrical appliances paying specific attention to rules around battery disposal. Alternatively, you can return your Avia products to us by post at the address here for safe disposal. Please make sure the item(s) you’re returning are clean and dry, and that any personal data has been removed by restoring them to the factory settings. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us here for help and advice.

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