Secure, safe and savvy...

Security is probably the single most important issue when choosing a smart lock. Feeling safe is a must for any homeowner. It’s not just secure….it’s savvy too.  All products in the Smarter suite are designed to meet the requirements of PAS 24:2016.

Savvy and stable too. Total control.

Because our Avia secure smart lock systems use the latest Apple software, they are far less susceptible to attacks from malicious parties. This software is widely regarded as the most stable and secure protocol available.

Avia is the first smart lock to be compliant with the UK Government code of practice for consumer IoT and ETSI TS 103 645 Consumer IoT security technical specification.

Avia secure smart lock. Security Features.

The Avia secure smart lock boasts a range of innovative and class leading security features and benefits.

  • Works with Bluetooth  5,  strong connection stability and maximum Bluetooth range
  • In the unlikely  event of any outage, you can still use your existing manual key
  • Has an ip rating of IP54
  • Provides a complete audit trail of lock activity
  • designed and tested to PAS 24:2016
  • Heavy-Duty Zinc castings
  • Protected against ‘man in the middle’ attacks
  • Secure Apple HomeKit encryption
  • Password strength protocol
  • Lock status alerts

Avia external security handle Security features.

The Avia external security handle protects your door against the four most common types of attack.

  • Handle snapping  Steel reinforcement  technology within the backplate provides jemmy resistance. In addition, chamfered backplate shoulders provide anti-grip protection.
  • Cylinder Snapping An integrated cylinder guard, which is visible within the raised backplate design, encases the cylinder to protect it from attack.
  • Cyinder de-plugging An integral anti-plug disc, captive within the backplate, locates directly over the cylinder face to shield it from attack.
  • Cylinder drilling An anti-drill disc spins if attacked with a drill, preventing the drill bit from penetrating the cylinder.

Avia TS007 3 star cylinder Security features.

Protects your doors against snapping and bumping

  • lock snapping protection
  • multi zone protection against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping
  • standard euro cylinder can be snapped in  just 15 seconds
  • tested by the Master Locksmith Association, accredited by SBD (Secured by Design)
  • achieved a TS007 3 star rating and approved by the British Standards Institute
  • I6 anti-drill pins  for total resistance against attack with 6 reinforced trap pins for continued resistance against picking and plug manipulation
  • no sacrificial section in the internal part of the lock ensuring its as strong as possible after an attack

Avia secure key fob Security features.

  • Secure optical pairing – You can ‘optically pair’ your fob which is the most secure solution available.  Or, if you prefer you can pair ‘conventionally’.
  • Unlocks your door from up to 100m range
  • Fitted with a readily replaceable and available ‘coin cell’ battery with an average battery life span in excess of one year
  • Easily and simply pairs with the Avia secure smart lock
  • Add up to ten Avia secure key fobs

Optical pairing is a Bluetooth® pairing method developed by Mighton Products Ltd as a form of Bluetooth® out-of-band pairing.

It is known to be secure against ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks due to it’s inherent privacy, made possible by the close physical proximity and the single ‘point to point’ procedure.

It works by communicating one of the Bluetooth® pairing encryption keys through a ‘light flashing pattern’ from one device to the other. When optical pairing, only the devices that participate will communicate with each other.