Avia IoT Ecosystem

1 Security principles
1.1 Introduction
The Avia SmartHome range is based around Apple HomeKit for access to the devices from phones and tablets. This document details the security features which are included within this.

Apple publish details of how HomeKit is a secure solution for remote access to devices here. Avia Smart Home solutions follow all relevant recommendations from Apple on how to implement HomeKit to deliver a secure environment. Firmware on the devices is implemented using the latest SDKs from Nordic and Apple at time of release of the products. As documented here firmware is updated through the lifetime of the product to reflect new releases from Nordic and Apple, and to resolve any security issues raised. The Avia App on iOS devices closely follows the Apple Home App. As controlled by Apple HomeKit, only devices owned by or shared to your Apple ID can be managed by you. If a device is unpaired (not already managed by an Apple ID) there is a HomeKit defined pairing process to associate that device to your Apple ID. Once that has happened, only you and people you share the device with can control the device through HomeKit.
The primary security on being able to manage a device you own is through being able to unlock the iPhone (or iPad). Once you have done this, the Apple Home app allows all Apple-defined functionality to be executed on a device – for example you can instruct a door lock to unlock.

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