Child safety mode.

Avia is making your family home even safer for your children with the introduction of special child safety features.

Our child safety mode boasts three individually set features which make your home an even more child safe place. This is the latest featured to be rolled out ensuring young children are safe and secure whilst in their own home.

Avia has not only been tried, tested and proven with the worlds most renowened testing houses, it’s faced far thougher tests with young families too.

As a result we’ve developed a unique set of ‘child safety features’

  • Disables the green Halo light Something we found that young children are instantly attracted to and want to play with
  • Disables the audible sounds. We discovered that audible warnings are another instant attraction to young children and draws them to play with the lock
  • Disables the Halo button. This is the manual one push button that can lock and unlock Avia. We found that young children love pressing the button to see what happens