integrate and connect

Create your very own Avia home ecosystem.

The Avia App works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, connecting to all of your smart accessories and joining them all up. You simply create your very own ecosystem environment. That’s not just seamless… it’s smooth too.

anytime... anyplace... anywhere Total control.

Your secure smart lock is always connected to your other apple devices via Bluetooth® and can be accessed via HomeHub and Wi-Fi. So anyplace you are, anytime you like, and anywhere you like, you can always control access to your home.

And if for any reason there is an electrical or internet outage, you can still access your house using the Bluetooth® functionality on your iPhone, the key fob, keypad and of course the existing manual key.

Wherever… whenever… whatever

Works with all your Apple mobile devices.

We’ve designed our app to work with all your favourite mobile Apple devices, including your iPhone, your Apple Smartwatch and your iPad. It works with Siri too.

Be remote through the app. Home hub control.

With your Apple TV (4th Gen onward), iPad, HomePod or HomePod Mini  set up as a home hub you can remotely control your lock from anywhere in the world.

Getting started is simple and secure. Easy peasy

Setting up the Avia secure smart lock couldn’t be simpler. We provide you with a unique code and your Avia smart lock simply ‘pairs’ with your Apple device..

How it Works.

  • local’ operation is direct via Bluetooth 5
  • If ‘remote’ operation is required a HomeHub will be needed
  •  ‘remote’ operation is via wi-fi or mobile data from device to cloud ,and ADSL or cable fromcloud to router
  • Bluetooth pairing is protected by ‘out of band pairing’ preventing ‘man in the middle attacks’
  • Security features include ‘military grade’ 256k encryption
  • platform uses the latest Apple protocol
  • using a traditional key also remains an alternative option