The Avia Secure intelligent sensor that informs you of  your window or doors open or closed state. Easy to fit and always alert, it will notify you if your window has been opened at an inappropriate time giving you added security. You can even set up scenarios using Apple Automations to trigger events such as I’m home, turn on the lights.

So, what does it all mean?

Apple Homekit allows you to control your smart home from your Apple devices. The Avia Door & Window Sensor will appear in your Apple Home app, and you can view, manage and control this device from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or HomePod. Please note – Some features of Avia products aren’t available within the Apple Home app.

Secured By Design – Official Police Security Initiative is a Police initiative which supports the principles of designing and building with standards of security in mind. Some Avia products have been independently tested, and has been awarded the SBD accreditation.
Secured By Design – Secure Connected Device is a Police initiative which supports the principles of designing and building smart products to meet effective crime prevention security standards. Some Avia products have been independently tested, and has been awarded the SBD IOT accreditation.

The Avia iOS app is available on the Apple App Store. The iOS app will allow you to control all of your Avia Smart home products from your Apple devices, for example, your iPhone and your Apple Watch.


When we set out to develop the Avia range of smart products, home security was a driving principle. That’s why every one of the Avia device family went through a process of design review. We already knew how to develop hardware, but how could we marry that with the latest tech to produce something that not only made life a little easier, it added benefit by improving home security. We think we achieved our goal.


  • Elegant design available in White.
  • Other colours to follow.
  • Detects when a door or window is opened or closed.
  • Easy to setup and operate using Bluetooth® LE technology.
  • Led Indicator confirms pairing and operation.
  • Includes two magnetic contacts (Flat and 90 degree) for maximum compatibility with your door or window design.
  • Easy to fit using 3M permanent self-adhesive pads.
  • Powered by a single CR2450 Coin cell (supplied).
  • More than one year battery life (in normal use).

more than just smart.

  • Improves home security and helps in crime prevention.
  • Uses Apple HomeKit technology.
  • Free Avia app downloadable on the Apple Appstore.
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Smartwatch.
  • Notifies you when a door or window is operated.
  • Query status using Siri (Hey Siri, are my windows closed?).
  • You can also check status using the Avia or the Home app.
  • This device can be used with Apple Home automation.
  • Avia gives you total control. Share alerts with family and friends.
  • Alerts can be sent ‘locally’* via Bluetooth® and remotely by cloud technology if you have an Apple Homehub.
  • ‘Over the air’ firmware updates using the Avia app.

           *Within range of your home wifi network

More than just a SENSOR
It’s a security ecosystem

Avia is all about security and peace of mind. In fact, we didn’t just want to make Avia product hardware secure, we wanted to be able to prove Avia’s software security credentials too.. so we chose Apple for our online software security and have had the world’s best security testing houses penetration test our products. We believe that every smart device should be subject to this testing.