The Avia Secure Smart Socket is not just an ordinary smart socket, it also features audio & visual feedback, energy monitoring & costing functionality as well as remote scheduling. It can be used in conjunction with Apple Home Automation to give you complete control of your appliances.


When we set out to develop the Avia range of smart products, home security was a driving principle. That’s why every one of the Avia device family went through a process of design review. We already knew how to develop hardware, but how could we marry that with the latest tech to produce something that not only made life a little easier, it added benefit by improving home security. We think we achieved our goal.


  • Elegant circular design available in White.
  • Black finish to follow.
  • Operates on 240v mains power.
  • Load capacity 10amp.
  • Illuminated Power button for manual on/off.
  • Easy to setup and operate using Bluetooth® LE technology.
  • Led Indicator confirms pairing.
  • Incorporates an optional powerful white led light that can switched on or off using the app or as part of home automation.
  • Incorporates an optional audible alert that can switched on or off using the app or as part of home automation.
  • Features ‘power monitoring & running cost’ functionality allowing you to monitor your sockets usage and appliance running cost using the Avia app.

more than just smart.

  • Improves home security and helps in crime prevention.
  • Uses Apple HomeKit technology.
  • Free Avia app downloadable on the Apple Appstore.
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Smartwatch.
  • You can turn an appliance plugged into the socket on and off by using Siri (Hey Siri, switch on my lamp) or the Avia or Home apps.
  • Check the status of an appliance using the Avia or Home app.
  • The Avia app includes a scheduling function that can be used to turn the socket (and anything plugged into it) on or off in accordance with a user defined schedule.
  • This device can be used with Apple Home automation.
  • Avia gives you total control. Share alerts with family and friends.
  • Alerts can be sent ‘locally’* via Bluetooth® and remotely by cloud technology if you have an Apple Homehub.
  • ‘Over the air’ firmware updates using the Avia app.

More than just a SOCKET
It’s a security ecosystem

Avia is all about security and peace of mind. In fact, we didn’t just want to make Avia product hardware secure, we wanted to be able to prove Avia’s software security credentials too.. so we chose Apple for our online software security and have had the world’s best security testing houses penetration test our products. We believe that every smart device should be subject to this testing.