How to check if your Avia Smartlock is misaligned


Turn the thumbturn towards the unlocking position until the handle can be lowered.


Remove the top battery cover and remove one battery.


Without moving the handle, turn the thumbturn towards the locking direction as far as you can. If the arrow on the thumbturn is not between a 4 to 8 o’clock position there is a mounting error. You will need to remove the lock, turn the cylinder as far as you can towards the locking position and then rotate back until it is vertical. Once the cylinder is positioned vertically, rotate the thumbturn so the arrow points towards the door edge and reassemble the lock.


At this point you should be able to pull the handle up, then move the thumbturn fully towards the locking position.


Verify the lock is locked by attempting to pull the handle down. This should not be possible. If you are still able to pull the handle down it is likely that your multipoint is not compatible. Please contact us for advice.


If you are unable to pull your handle down as expected, rotate the thumbturn towards the unlocking position.


You should now be able to pull your door handle down. If you are unable to, then your multipoint may not be compatible.


If you were able to pull your door handle down, please re-insert the battery at this point.


To test that your lock now functions properly, raise the handle, allow the thumbturn to rotate fully and check the handle cannot be pulled down.


Now press the Halo button, allow the thumbturn to rotate back fully and check that your handle can now be pulled down.