Avia secure smart lock Ultra smart

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We’ve designed it to be the best smart lock ever.

We simply want to give you the best smart lock ever, and that’s why our design team have analysed every detail and put our lock through the most rigorous of test environments to give you a product that is genuinely exceptional.

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Avia secure smart lock

The Avia secure smart lock boasts a range of innovative and class leading security features and benefits.

  • Works with Bluetooth  5,  strong connection stability and maximum Bluetooth range
  • In the unlikely  event of any outage, you can still use your existing manual key
  • Provides a complete audit trail of lock activity
  • designed and tested to PAS 24:2016
  • Heavy-Duty Zinc castings
  • Protected against ‘man in the middle’ attacks
  • Secure Apple HomeKit encryption
  • Password strength protocol
  • Lock status alerts
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Why it’s more than just smart.

  • The secure multipoint smart lock that uses Apple HomeKit technology
  • Works with iPhone, fob, keypad, iPad, the Apple smartwatch
  • Features manual key override
  • Works with most handle operated multipoint locking doors
  • Can be operated ‘locally’ via Bluetooth® and remotely by cloud technology if you have                compatible Apple equipment
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Total control – share Avia with family and friends via the app

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About the basics.

  • Works on doors  44mm – 70mm thick
  • Works with  multi-point locksets where the existing doors internal and external handles                   are at the same height
  • Operates on a standard 92mm PZ centre measurement format
  • Compatible with most UK multipoint locks
  • Secure smart lock body (without handle) dimensions : W 66.31mm  X H 242.41mm                                X D 42.7mm
  • Works on iOS 11.3 and above.
  • The Avia secure smart lock can be fitted to both left hand and right hand hinged doors

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Day to day functionality.

  • Add and manage up to ten users (with keypad)
  • No wiring required works on 4 AA batteries with a low battery indicator
  • Simple manual key override always available when required
  • Access remotely literally anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection
  • Provide temporary or permanent access codes to users (keypad required)

Compatibility explained.

The Avia secure smart lock works with any lever operated multipoint locking system featuring a 92PZ measurement.

The centre measurement | To enable you to accurately get this measurement we suggest that you remove the internal handle. Measure the distance between the cylinder centre and the centre of the door handle. This must be 92mm.

The door thickness | When measuring your door the thickness must be between 44mm – 70mm.

The Avia secure smart lock has been designed to work on multipoint lever locking doors. To see if Avia works on your door, the centre measurement and the door thickness must be compatible.

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How it works.

  •  ‘local’ operation is direct via Bluetooth 5
  • If ‘remote’ operation is required a HomeHub will be needed
  • Bluetooth pairing is protected by ‘out of band pairing’ preventing ‘man in the middle attacks’
  • Security features include 256k encryption
  • platform uses the latest Apple protocol
  • using a traditional key also remains an alternative option
avia boxx

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Avia secure smart lock
  • 1 x Avia smart key fob
  • 4 x AA lithium batteries
  • 1 x Avia secure cylinder (different box – due to different size options)
  • 1 x Avia external security handle  (different box – due to different finish options)
box items